Senior Moment Videos

Senior Moment is a widely watched feature by Legacy Story Course creator, Dr. Ron Ross. The videos appear in the order of their publication. SCROLL DOWN for the most recent video.

Are you tired of seniors being categorized as cranky, bumbling relics of days gone by? Then you’ll love every episode of Senior Moment. In 60-seconds or less, Dr. Ross enlightens, encourages, and enables seniors to overcome the negative stereotypes and make the last chapter of their life the best of all. 

Priorities change as seniors view how they have evolved over the years.
Use your past to prepare your children and grandchildren for the future.
A short poem from the 1880s reminds us of the good things that could happen if we'd only pause to think.
There's a difference between jumping out of an airplane and doing something truly significant. What's your thrill that lasts? For more:
How to make a personal, heartfelt, memorable connection with your children and grandchildren.
We know the difference between good and evil, truth and lies, purity and perversion. But our youth are being deceived. What can we do about it? Visit for one thing almost any senior can do.
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Entropy happens to everyone and everything. I'm living proof!
This is the first of four "Moments" based on the inspirtational poem by the author of Casey at the Bat. You'll enjoy them all!
Emotional pain happens to all God's people. Even Jesus prayed, "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow." So, you're not alone in your weariness.
Harvard University was the first college in America. However, it has changed dramatically from its original mission statement. Hear about it in this one-minute Senior Moment video.
Hear a 60-second inspirational message by Billy Graham about going to heaven on this episode of Senior Moment.