Frequently Asked Questions

Will the course take a long time to complete?

The course is self-directed, so you work at your own pace. If you watch all the lessons back-to-back, it will take a little over two hours. However, your learning experience will be enriched if you review the lessons and incorporate the tips and tools as you write. You can watch each video as many times as you want. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, Legacy Story Course will help you with this meaningful project.

Will I have enough stories?

Almost certainly. As you write stories, more stories will come to mind. Also, the course includes the powerful “Memory Jogger,” an expanded excerpt from Dr. Ross’s book titled “How to Record Your Family History,” published in 2013.

Will the course be a lot of work?

Writing stories will be more fun than work. Most story writers find their spirit is blessed in a unique way as they recall the past and write stories for their descendants. However, because story writing is such a joy, and you have so many stories to tell, you may never stop writing!

Can I share the lessons with others?

When you buy the course, you purchase it exclusively for yourself. All the materials in the course are copyrighted. Please do not share the content or pass your access code to others. Rather, send them a link (, so they can learn about and purchase the Legacy Story Course.

What makes this course different from other courses?

Legacy Story Course stands out from every other story course on the internet because it is created mainly for Christian seniors who want to leave a legacy of stories for their progeny.

Is the course based on Biblical themes?

Yes. The course is written with Deuteronomy 4:9 in mind: “Stay vigilant as long as you live. Teach what you’ve seen and heard to your children and grandchildren.” Course creator and teacher Dr. Ron Ross presents the course from an evangelical Christian perspective. The course is not written for a particular denomination.

Do I have to be a computer expert?
Expert computer technology is NOT required to create simple computer documents for your stories. All PCs come loaded with easy-to-learn word processing software, and Apple products come with Apple Pages. When you write a story using your computer, save the document and give it a unique title that can be easily accessed. Would you rather write in longhand? Read on …
What if I want to write all my stories in longhand?
Sure, go ahead. There’s something magical about a handwritten document. Some people think handwriting is connected to the heart. Just make sure your writing is legible.
Do you offer email support?

If you have technical difficulties, send an email, and you will receive a prompt response. Because the course is self-directed, personal support for writing, editing, or compiling your stories is unavailable. Email

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Although many creative courses do not offer a guarantee, Legacy Story Course offers a full refund if you are not pleased with the course.

Refund policy:

You must apply for your refund within thirty days of purchase. When you do, please answer these questions: How many of the 25 video lessons did you watch? Did you attempt to write at least a few stories?

Send your request to

Does Dr. Ross make personal appearances?

Yes. Contact Dr. Ross at